Grace United Church in Coombs BC



Early worship services in Coombs were held in a small building (still there today) on the east corner of Station Road and the Alberni Highway, and later in 1925, in a newly built church on the east corner Coombs Road and the Alberni Highway. Soon a United Church presence came into being with a Reverend A.R. Wiseman leading the services.

Ella (Foster) Allen (who was the first child born in the Salvation Army Settlement) became the organist and continued faithfully as organist for 65 years. After an influx of pioneers from the Canadian prairies arrived, the present Grace United Church (which included a much desired basement activity room and kitchen was build in 1945 by the United Church congregation and regular worship services have been held there ever since. 

Historically Grace has been part of a 2-point Pastoral Charge with St. Stephen's United in Qualicum Beach, but on November 1, 2008 Grace chose to separate from this arrangement and became a stand alone church. On March 1, 2009 the Reverend Mas Iwasawa became the first minister of the Coombs Pastoral charge.

 Recently a carillon has been installed and during daytime hours the bells are beautifully chimed out into the country air from 9am through 9pm. Lovely melodies are heard on Sundays and other special occasions.