Grace United Church in Coombs BC


Covid Opening Protocall

COVID 19 protocols for re-opening Grace United Church Coombs BC

To help prevent COVID-19 virus transmission, the board members of Grace United Church in Coombs BC propose the following: • All worship services, meetings, or on site events, must ensure that social distancing (2 metres / 6 feet) between members can be maintained. This will affect the overall capacity in the sanctuary and hall. The sanctuary can hold a maximum of 16 individuals in the pews as well as two leaders at the front. People will be encouraged to wear a mask if they so choose and masks will be available at the two doors to our sanctuary. No microphones will be used during worship services.

• Singing will only be permitted if people wear masks.

• Social distancing in the lower hall will be practiced with the limit of 14 people at any given time. Care will be taken to wash all tables and used chairs and flat surfaces as well as washrooms after every gathering.

• A contact list for everyone who enters the building and those who are present at gatherings will be kept by the hosts/minister in attendance.

• Anyone wishing to attend worship services or meetings will have to pre-register to ensure that the maximum occupancy rules are in compliance.

• Pews will be marked off to ensure a safe distance between people.

• At least one board members or staff member (point person) will be in attendance at all on site gatherings and familiar with the safety plan to ensure compliance. They will be responsible to issue instructions to those entering the building (only one entrance and exit open for lower hall events and two doors - front and back - for worship services) as well as to be responsible to disinfect high contact surface areas and washrooms before and after the event, meeting, or worship service.

• the Point Person responsible for the monitoring of on site event/worship will be given instructions and participate in on site training to ensure safety protocols and sanitization are standard to all events/worship.

• Social distancing applies from start to finish – in entry doors, hallways, and bathrooms.

• Will we give instructions to people using the washrooms to sanitize the washroom with the supplies we've provided. before leaving

• A list of high touch surfaces in our building will be made and cleaning procedures to clean these surfaces will be posted in washrooms and for our own staff/point persons

• High touch materials such as hymnbooks, brochures etc will be removed from the pews.

• Bulletins for those attending will be available for pick up only in the vestibule.

• Members and others attending worship or meetings will be reminded to stay at home if any of their direct family members (or people they have regular contact with) are unwell. They will also be reminded that if they have returned from out of country travel they must self isolate for 14 days. B.C provincial NOTICES WILL BE POSTED AT THE THREE ENTRANCES WITH THESE CAUTIONS • Both washrooms will be well stocked with liquid soap and paper towels and B.C provincial COVID-19 HAND WASHING NOTICES WILL BE POSTED IN THE WASHROOMS • People will be reminded by poster to cover their mouth and nose with an elbow when coughing or sneezing to avoid coughing or sneezing into either your hands or into the air. Dispose of used tissues right away into an appropriate receptable and immediately wash your hands. • Provide COVID-19 prevention supplies during services or events, such as hand sanitizer tissues, and waste baskets at the three entrances to our building. • Person-to-person contact such as shaking hands and hugging will not be allowed on the premises. • Offering during the worship service will not be taken in order to minimize the handling of cash. On-line giving will be continued to make this possible. • There will be no use of the kitchen for the duration of the pandemic or until we have permission from the BC Health authorities • however pre-packaged meals might be considered appropriate at times. • Encourage everyone to wash their hands with plain soap and water OR an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after services, meetings, or events. • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, bathrooms and other surfaces every time we have gatherings either in the sanctuary or lower hall.

• Encourage members to greet each other with a smile and wave, as opposed to any direct person-to-person contact.

• Renters must submit a safety plan to our board for approval for their gathering and need to know protocols you expect to be followed, building must be turned over to them "clean" and they need to return it "clean"

• All people entering the building will be required to sign a waiver to not hold the church libel if they develop Covid 19.

• Signage, at all entry points will include:

· Occupancy limits for each room in the building.

• Requirement to social distance (2 metres minimum).

• Requirement to practice hand sanitizing / washing, plus instructions.

• Requirement to stay home if feeling unwell.

• Requirement to sign-in with name and contact information for each visit to