Garage Sale June 26 2010 Garage Sale June 26 2010 A basement full of goodies Generous donations from all over Coombs ensured that we had some attractive items for sale. 88764881 Inside there was more. This shot was actually taken prior to opening. We moved a very good percentage of what you see here. 88764889 Moved outside The weather co-operated nicely, and we were able to use a freshly mowed churchyard (Thanks Bill) for part of our sale. 88764882 customers browsing You couldn't have a better location. 88764883 The Burgermeisters Scot and Dave produced hamburgers and hotdogs a-la-first class to provide sustenance for the shoppers. 88764884 Tables well picked over At this point we had moved a great deal of merchandise. 88764885 The ebb and flow Hard to believe that there is only one shopper in this picture. The others must have been inside. 88764886 Checking things out. The members of our congregation put a tremendous amount of work into this event, both the Friday before, and all through Saturday. Tremendous work everyone! 88764888 Our Supervisor Being next door to the Coombs Market, we always have our "goat on the roof" 88764887