Congregational Supper Nov 26 2010 Congregational Supper Nov 26 2010 Setting Up Our thanks to all who made the hall ready, cooked the meal, and made it all happen. 108496034 Making the Meal Marlene and many others put a lot of work into preparing the meal 108496036 Getting it right Scott and Janet go over the script for Scott's play. 108496037 Dessert a-la-plenty A table to be truly enjoyed - and it was! 108496038 Checking out the Items The Suttons check out the draw prizes. 108496039 The Trees of Christmas Nicely decorated and ready for the occasion. 108496040 Wade and family Each table had a number of quizes and contests. Looks like the kids are right into it...... so id Dad. 108496041 The Bittons and Bill Talking over thing before supper 108496042